The Tattoo Experience

Step one

Choose a Tattoo Design

Tattoo’s are very personal pieces of art and choosing an artist who can help perfect your design is critical. Knowing what you want, but also allowing a professional tattoo artist freedom to provide their expert design knowledge produces the best artwork and tattoo experience. Contact me so we can collaborate on your tattoo design.

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Step two

Think About Placement

Once you know what you want to have tattooed, picking placement is the next most important step of the design. Certain body parts are more difficult to tattoo, so choosing where the art will look best on your body is definitely something to discuss with your tattoo artist. Some things your artist will consider are the flow of the design, receptiveness of your skin, and longevity of the tattoo. 

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Step three

Prepare for Tattoo Appointment

How exciting, your appointment day has arrived! Make sure you are prepared for your tattoo session. It’s best to eat a light meal, be hydrated, and prepare yourself for a little bit of pain. Everybody’s pain tolerance is different but preparing yourself mentally can make for a much better experience. Also, make sure to shower and keep the skin moisturized. Try to avoid strong perfumes and colognes, or any strong odors as your tattoo artist will be very up close and personal with you. Bring some snacks and water with you if the tattoo shop doesn’t have them available like we do here at Lionfish Tattoo

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Step Four
Get the Tattoo

Congratulations, you made it to your tattoo appointment. Now it’s time for your artist to place your stencil or freehand your design on your body. If you approve of the design and placement, let your artist know and it’s go time! During your tattoo, you may experience a number of sensations, emotions, and thoughts. It’s most important to communicate these with your artist to let them know how you are doing so they can know if they need to adjust how they are tattooing or if you need a break. The worst thing you can do is not tell your artist how you are feeling and just suffering through the experience. 

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Final Step
Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo artist will absolutely provide you with aftercare tips and techniques to ensure your new ink heals as best as possible. Expect for them to sanitize your freshly inked skin and then wrap it in some fashion. I use a waterproof adhesive bandage wrap here in my shop, but all tattoo artists will have their personal preference.

  • Leave the area covered for 3-5 days is what I recommend.
  • When removing the bandage, be sure to clean the area with a non scented soap and warm water.
  • Do not scrub your new tattoo with any abrasive cloths or scrubs
  • Pat it dry with a paper towel and
  • Apply an unscented lotion or balm 3 – 4 times per day to keep it moisturized.
  • Avoid scratching your new tattoo, or picking at the peeling skin.
  • Allow peeling skin it to wash off normally in the shower and peel as your day goes. 



Tattoo F.A.Q

There are many questions I get regarding the tattoo experience and how to care for a new tattoo. Please review the FAQ’s and use  the contact form below if you have any questions not answered here.

My rates are set a $160/hr with a two hour minimum. There is also a $100 non refundable deposit charged at booking to save your calendar date and the deposit will be deducted from your final session.

Yes, I would love to do a custom design for you. Please know I will do the artwork the morning of or the night before your appointment. The deposit will be due for custom work to be commenced. 

I prefer to do consultations online via a Zoom call, or if absolutely necessary in person. 

  • Eat a light meal and drink plenty of water. Getting tattooed is a lengthy process and your body needs fuel to endure the process.
  • Get a good amount of rest the night before your session. 
  • Observe good hygiene. Shower before your session, wear deodorant, avoid strong smelling perfumes and colognes etc. Having clean skin will help reduce the risk of infection. 
  • Remove body hair in tattoo area if possible. I am prepared to help with this, but it will speed up your tattoo appointment if you come in ready to be tattooed. 
  • Bring something to pass the time. If you are coming in for a long tattoo session, you may bring in headphones, a book, magazine, or something to keep you occupied if you so wish. 
  • Dress appropriately or bring a change of clothes for your session. If the clothes you are wearing make it difficult to access the area of your tattoo, you may have to remove your clothing for me to complete your tattoo. 
  • Inform me of any prescription drugs you may be taking or allergies you may have to latex, pigments, dyes, disinfectants, metals or other sensitivities related to tattoo procedures before we begin the tattoo session. 

I only use sterile single-use/disposable needles and tubes. All furniture and instruments are sterilized each time they have been used and periodically if not used. I am committed to provide safe and hygienic services in a clean and orderly fashion. Face masks are required for both the artist and the client while in the tattoo shop. 

  • Avoid getting sunburned or damaging the skin of the area you are wanting to get tattooed. 
  • DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL OR TAKE ANY BLOOD THINNING/CLOTTING MEDICATIONS at least 24 hours prior to your tattoo session (this includes Aspirin & Ibuprofen)
  • Avoid consuming caffeine before your session as it can thin your blood as well. 
  • Any type of break out on the skin, including open sores or rashes.
  • Any foul odors
  • Excessive or spreading redness
  • Excessive heat from the wound
  • Fever that develops shortly after the tattoo procedure

*Should you need to contact a doctor (in rare cases) please also contact me.

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