Nate Kraus

Michigan Tattoo Artist

I’ve been a tattoo artist for over 15 years and absolutely love being part of the tattoo industry! Each client who comes to me wanting a tattoo is a new opportunity to showoff my skills and I love watching their eyes light up when they look in the mirror at the finished product. 

Nate Kraus Michigan Tattoo Artist

Art is in my veins

Tattooing, Painting, sculpture

I began my tattooing career in Lansing, Michigan in 2005 and have had the good fortune to take my artwork to a number of different locations through out the United States. I have found myself tattooing in Portland, OR, New Orleans, New Hampshire, Philadelphia and Wisconsin. Being able to take my skills anywhere and do amazing tattoos for awesome clients is what I love most about tattooing, and I’m looking forward to traveling to new locations to meet new people and doing exciting new pieces!

My approach to tattooing is to always push the envelope and try to make each new tattoo my best work using all the techniques I’ve learned along the way. I love trying out new styles and designs, and it’s my goal to make each tattoo experience comfortable and enjoyable for my client. 

What I love most about being a tattoo artist is being part of a very unique medium full of wonderful people. Tattooing is a small, tight knit community where we share ideas and techniques to give our clients the best possible body art, and I consider myself lucky to be a part of it. 

Other than tattooing I get my creative fix with painting, sculpture, illustration and designing clothing. I really just enjoy being creative and bringing the designs in my mind to the real world in any way I can. 

Outside of my art, I spend my time playing video games, dabbling in music, enjoying a round of disc golf and eating delicious foods. I have three awesome cats Jack, TidBits, and Rudy. I have a deep connection to the unsolved mysteries of the world and beyond, and consider myself a bit of a philosopher with an interest in psychedelic experiences and mysticism. 


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